I’ve been pretending


Bemidji State University Students at Cross Training 2013

There is little that can top seeing 11 students responding to the Gospel.  But as I spent time with the Bemidji State chapter, I was reminded transformation comes in different forms.

Sitting in a circle on Saturday night Gina told everyone, “I realized that I had been lying to all of you. I have been pretending I’m a good Christian and I feel like I can take my fake smiley face off.”

Melody commented, “This is the first time I’ve felt like a group of Christians is being real.  I feel like I can trust you.”

Aaron said, “I am learning what it looks like to live out God’s intentions for us to be witnessing communities.”

During the preceding worship service, Jacob Fisher, InterVarsity staff at Bemidji State University told me that he was hoping that this night would be a night of vulnerability, opening up and trust building.  We stopped and prayed.  A few hours later, we watched those prayers being answered.


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