Something just didn’t feel quite right.  I had just shared the Gospel and several people had responded.  But as I stood in the back of the room, I could sense that something wasn’t quite right. Another staff encouraged me to go back and make another invitation. On the second invitation 3 more people responded. In all, 11 students indicated they wanted to follow Jesus this weekend! Two of them were University of Minnesota Duluth students.

Kaelie ran up to me after the service to tell me, “I was so excited when you went back up front; I knew God had more work to do. There was a girl behind me crying and when you invited people to respond to the gospel, she immediately stood up!”

Recently I’ve been learning to respond with more regularity to God’s promptings in my life. As the emcee of our fall conference, one of my jobs is to give students a chance to respond to the gospel message. Using the image of a garden, I explained that in the beginning God planted us in a perfect garden but we didn’t live according to his intentions which caused the garden to break. Flooding, thorns, rocky soil all entered the garden. I explained that God loved us too much to leave us. So from the beginning of time, God had in mind that he would come to earth. Jesus was fully God and fully man. He experienced the garden we live in with all of its brokenness, but he showed us how to live in the garden. How to clean it up. He died on the cross so that we don’t have to. He came back to life, demonstrating that he had power over death and he is now in heaven inviting us to accept his forgiveness and begin living life as he intended, not on our own power, but in his power.

These 11 responded to the call to follow Jesus. I responded to the call to make another invitation and years ago I responded to the call to be a missionary to the college campus. You responded to the call to partner with us through your prayers, financial gifts and volunteer work.

I’m learning that God is always calling us to respond to him. I want to thank you for responding to the call to give and encourage you to keep responding to whatever invitation God has for you!

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