Where do I belong?

601246_553585207986719_1134048331_nKyler came to the College of Saint Scholastica to join its ski nordic ski team.  CSS has a great reputation for recruiting some of the region’s best skiers and Kyler was one of them.  During the first official week of practice he got sick. It took two months to diagnose his ailment.  By the end of the two months he was so far behind his teammates in conditioning that he decided to quit the team.  That left Kyler asking a lot of questions. Where do I belong? What do I do now?

While many students spent spring break partying, Kyler joined InterVarsity’s Milwaukee Urban Project.  During the week they studied God’s heart for the marginalized in Scripture and then went out into the city to practice that love.

While he was serving in the city, he met a kid named Wesley that he was able to help with his math homework.  Boom! Kyler had found his new calling.

This summer Kyler will be working for the Center for Urban Teaching, an organization that helps identify and prepare high performance urban teachers.

Kyler is also headed to our week long leadership camp next week May 10-16 to learn to become a small group leader.

Pray for Kyler and the 38 students from our area who are going to be going to Chapter Focus Week.

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