They may never meet, but together they started something new.

ncf-cssMelisa, in the blue, and Robbi, in the pink, don’t know each other (and may never meet!) but together they started something new at the College of Saint Scholastica (CSS). Without these two strangers, we would not have a new Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) group at the CSS.

In the Spring of 2013, Melisa and I first talked about launching the group. We prayed and took steps towards starting a NCF group at CSS. In the spring of 2014, we hosted a few informational meetings. Then Melisa graduated in the summer of 2014.Without a known leader, we didn’t know what would happen to NCF.

Robbi was involved in the main undergrad chapter at Scholastica. Her life was transformed by her involvement last year and we asked her to lead the fledgling NCF group this fall. Under her leadership, 13 students have started attending NCF meetings.

Melisa’s experienced something that many of us do; hard work with little to no results. Although we may never see the results, God is always at work.

With the NCF group launched, there are now four small groups meeting regularly at CSS. This very week we are launching an athletes small group. This means IVCF will be will likely be offering opportunities every night of the week.

Thanks to students like Melisa and Robbi, God is growing the ministry at Scholastica.

And thank you for you part in helping me connect with students like Melissa and Robbi to accomplish something we could never do on our own.


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