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It looked like it was dead!

This summer the Intervarsity staff at Bemidji State University moved to a different city. The faculty advisor left the country to pursue a new degree and the student chapter president got sick and didn’t come back to school this fall. The chapter for all practical purposes looked like it was dead.  We didn’t have a […]

Me, a leader?

Kaylynn didn’t consider herself as leader.  However this winter things began to change.  In January, Jacob Fisher, Bemidji State University staff, invited her to become an apprentice.  Kaylynn has taken every opportunity to take a risk.  She began by talking with people at our proxe station about new years resolutions. A proxe station gives students […]

I’ve been pretending

There is little that can top seeing 11 students responding to the Gospel.  But as I spent time with the Bemidji State chapter, I was reminded transformation comes in different forms. Sitting in a circle on Saturday night Gina told everyone, “I realized that I had been lying to all of you. I have been […]

Divine Interruption

Adam and I were standing and staring at Oak Hall. We were praying for freshmen to join the small group in Oak. Right in the midst of this, a new student walked up behind us and asked, “What are you doing?” “We’re praying…” I answered. “Mind if I join?” “Sure” I said, “What’s your name?” […]

Watershed Moment

It was a watershed moment. It was a day that I dreamed of since I first took the Area Director job three years ago. It was a day that we accomplished something I believe has never happened in this area. We know it has not happened in the decade that Sandi and I have worked […]

Imagine If

Imagine if God renewed Bemidji State University? Sitting in the lower union this morning, the staff team thought about that question and continued to envision a campus where God turned darkness into light and death into life…ALL over campus. God renewing this campus would result in continuous stories like the one below from every dorm […]

What does it take to reach new students on campus?

144 liters of root beer, 9 gallons of ice cream, and over 500 hours of decorating, filming and planning is what it takes to prepare to host the biggest party on campus.  For the umpteenth time, the InterVarsity chapter at Bemidji State hosted the largest welcome event on campus. Root beer floats, games and prizes […]

God Is On The Move

“I just had THE BEST conversation!” Kayla exclaimed to another InterVarsity leader, Sam. Saturday night, Kayla was talking to fellow students about the Ecumenical Worship service on campus the next morning. Another student, *Sarah, overheard them talking and jumped into the convo.

Walking in Freedom

What binds you? This simple question guided Bemidji students and staff into a time of confession, prayer, healing and freedom at Pursuit 2010. After spending the day in Mark 5, we saw a theme of healing and freedom emerge. There was story after story about Jesus freeing lives that were bound by sickness, sin and […]

Pursuit 2010

“I’ve never had friends like this.  This is the best week of my entire life!” is what one student said during a time of sharing at Pursuit. It really was that kind of week.  Students were experiencing God in great ways.  I was excited too as we had made some changes.  I was curious to […]

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