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InterVarsity Growth Strategy

InterVarsity’s Vice President of Collegiate Ministries commissioned this video to highlight InterVarsity’s new strategy for growing chapters. We are excited that she chose to feature our work at the University of Minnesota Duluth. – Thanks to Beau Walsh @ for his work at filming & producing the video.  

They may never meet, but together they started something new.

Melisa, in the blue, and Robbi, in the pink, don’t know each other (and may never meet!) but together they started something new at the College of Saint Scholastica (CSS). Without these two strangers, we would not have a new Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) group at the CSS. In the Spring of 2013, Melisa and […]

Where do I belong?

Kyler came to the College of Saint Scholastica to join its ski nordic ski team.  CSS has a great reputation for recruiting some of the region’s best skiers and Kyler was one of them.  During the first official week of practice he got sick. It took two months to diagnose his ailment.  By the end of the two […]

“The New Atheism”

As Gina left our event, she said, “Oh good! My first InterVarsity event and it was a good one!”  Gina is a self-proclaimed gnostic*. We met Gina and her friend Jeff, an agnostic at the College of Saint Scholastica where Rick Mattson, InterVarsity apologist/evangelist spoke on the “new atheism.”  Last Wednesday night, Rick  and our chapter […]

“That’s InterVarsity”

I loved what I saw when I arrived at the College of St Scholastica (CSS) yesterday: 8 of my students were sitting together.  One was mentoring another, discussing life and the Bible.  Others were simply waiting for the prayer meeting to start. We prayed for tests, ski races, a friend’s mom who has cancer, our […]

More Like Falling in Love

Natalie* is a freshmen at the College of St Scholastica. She is Hmong and is the first in her family to attend college! This is her story. “God was always there, I was just too blind by sin to not see His love and glory. As I grew up, I hardly saw my family. My […]

Is there hope in the world?

“What do you love about our world?” “Everything!”  “Nothing.”  “The ocean.”  “Diversity.”  “Football.” This simple interchange was the starting point for our 50+ conversations at Scholastica this week.  Along with 6 of our students leaders, Brian and I spent hours in the Union challenging students to think deeply. We asked a series of questions, “Is […]


We were kicking off our very first large group.  Then a freshman asked an important question, “How do I become a Christian?”  No kidding.  We live for moments like this!  Brian had the privilege of having a conversation and prayer with her.  Our first meeting started late, but with much celebration! “Awake” is our name […]

An answer to prayer

In our last letter we asked you to pray for 3 new staff, specifically one male. I am excited to tell you that one of those prayers has been answered. We have an addition to the Twin Ports team this fall and his name is Luke Olson! Luke has been working with InterVarsity at the […]

Watershed Moment

It was a watershed moment. It was a day that I dreamed of since I first took the Area Director job three years ago. It was a day that we accomplished something I believe has never happened in this area. We know it has not happened in the decade that Sandi and I have worked […]

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