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InterVarsity Growth Strategy

InterVarsity’s Vice President of Collegiate Ministries commissioned this video to highlight InterVarsity’s new strategy for growing chapters. We are excited that she chose to feature our work at the University of Minnesota Duluth. – Thanks to Beau Walsh @ for his work at filming & producing the video.  

I had a brick wall

Hey y’all, I want to tell you guys about my Chapter Focus Week experience or in other words CFW, but in order to do that, we need to rewind to a year ago. So let’s do that. Last year around this time, the roles were switched, I was sitting in the audience and someone else […]


Something just didn’t feel quite right.  I had just shared the Gospel and several people had responded.  But as I stood in the back of the room, I could sense that something wasn’t quite right. Another staff encouraged me to go back and make another invitation. On the second invitation 3 more people responded. In […]

Risk Taking is Scary: Plain & Simple.

But a risk like starting up spiritual conversations with our friends is something that we, the students in the Northern MN & Northwest WI InterVarsity chapters, are willing to take! In February, 41 of us traveled to Duluth, MN for a Winter Leadership Conference.  There, we were encouraged by InterVarsity/USA staff worker, Sandi Asker to […]

Beta: more than just a fish

I have just finished 12 hours of meetings with two national leaders.  We met with over a dozen students over the course of the day.  We studied John 4 and dreamed about the “villages” who need Jesus on our campus. We are so grateful that University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) was one of 15 chapters […]

Jesus the babysitter?

Brian and I are trying to live life in community at CSS in order to rebuild the chapter.  But we are also trying to live that out at home. This fall, we decided to host a small group Bible study.  Some friends, some strangers, 2 UMD students, 1 UMD professor (from China) and 4 more […]

Meet Nate

In 1938 C Stacey Woods set up a sign on campus at the University of Michigan that read “Meet C Stacey Woods.” That was the beginning of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the United States of America. Students at the University of Minnesota Duluth thought it would be fun to replicate history by inviting students to […]

“Police ready for student arrival”

As I opened up The Duluth News Tribune today, a headline read: “Duluth police are ready for students’ arrival.” Having driven past the signs for two years, I know the News Tribune picked one of the tamer signs for the paper.  Yikes. Seeing the article reminded me why we are committed to college students. Christian students […]

An answer to prayer

In our last letter we asked you to pray for 3 new staff, specifically one male. I am excited to tell you that one of those prayers has been answered. We have an addition to the Twin Ports team this fall and his name is Luke Olson! Luke has been working with InterVarsity at the […]

A Ton of Dirt

As we were digging in the dirt on a hot summer day Steve said, “InterVarsity has been my life line. I was in so much trouble before I met you guys.” Steve and several other students helped us do a major landscaping project. Steve in particular spent 3 full days hauling dirt, digging a trench […]

Transformation stories from the campus