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Math = Finding God

As we sat on the couches at Cedar Campus on the shores of Lake Huron, Ben shared how God had changed his life.  It was the spring of 2011 when Ben was sitting in the student union at UW-Superior.  He was working on his math homework when his math professor plus a few InterVarsity students […]

Senior Reflections

Last week, I took two seniors from UW-Superior, Samantha and Shara, out for dinner. I thanked them for their leadership and wanted to ask them questions about their experience in InterVarsity. It was just 5 years ago when our chapter at UWS was in danger of losing their status as a student organization. InterVarsity took […]

Happy Birthday!

“I repented.”  It was Sunday morning at our annual fall retreat.  Katy is a freshmen at the University of Wisconsin Superior.  She went to church when she was really young.  But her family stopped going to church at some point.  She hadn’t been for over a decade. This fall, she met InterVarsity

An answer to prayer

In our last letter we asked you to pray for 3 new staff, specifically one male. I am excited to tell you that one of those prayers has been answered. We have an addition to the Twin Ports team this fall and his name is Luke Olson! Luke has been working with InterVarsity at the […]

Divine Appointment

I met David at interactive station at the University of Wisconsin Superior.  The conversation started with me asking, “what do you think is the biggest thing people are searching for today?”  After a few more questions I asked him what he was searching for spiritually.  He immediately said forgiveness. He launched into his story of […]

Watershed Moment

It was a watershed moment. It was a day that I dreamed of since I first took the Area Director job three years ago. It was a day that we accomplished something I believe has never happened in this area. We know it has not happened in the decade that Sandi and I have worked […]

That has never happened before!

“I am so excited about all the opportunities to talk about Jesus recently. That has never happened before!” exclaimed Hannah, a student at UWS. Hannah has been attending the leadership meeting every Sunday night.  We often teach there how to engage in spiritual conversations.  She is taking those skills back to campus where she is […]

I haven’t prayed in a long time

During prayer time at the new freshmen small group, one of the girls started crying.  The leaders weren’t quite sure what to do, but eventually asked what was wrong.  “I just haven’t prayed in such a long time.  I’m glad that we’re doing this.”   Another one said, “I really want to read the Bible, […]


“Liar!  All religious people are liars!” is how a student at the University of Wisconsin Superior responded to our invitation at the student activities fair. Normally, we talk with people who listen politely, even if they aren’t religious. Other students simply pass, trying to ignore us.  Sandi and I were standing in shock.  Sandi engaged her […]

The best 3 hours of the week

Back in Bemidji, we spent every Sunday night with our leaders. It was our FAVORITE 3 hours of the week. We’d serve up great food, donated by many of you, develop leadership skills and then give the leadership teams time to plan and prep for the week. While we were house hunting in Duluth, we […]

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